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Hand Carved Rubber Stamps Tutorial

Image of Hand Carved Rubber Stamps Tutorial


Learn how easy is to make hand carved rubber stamps with this ebook!

This tutorial has 35 pages and it is formed by two parts. In the first part I list all the tools you need and all the steps that will lead you to be able to create your hand-carved rubber stamps. In the second part I drew a lot of cute templates inspired to my world and to the things that I love, which you can use as ideas for your hand-carved rubber stamps. Here you will find so much as 28 pages stuffed with drawings divided into various themes, from the monuments of Paris (the town where I live and that I love), to its food and its particularities... but you will also find pictures of everything that I find pretty as mushrooms, hedgehog, butterflies, bunnies and much more ... all represented through a simple and basic style suitable for becoming a good pattern on which to create fantastic stamps. I am sure that these drawings will be useful both to those who relate to this technique for the first time as a basis on which to practice and to learn, and to those more experienced as a source of original ideas to create truly unique stamps.

Furthermore, I will rest at your disposition if something will apear you not clear, just sending me an email.

NO SHIPPING FEES, it is an e-book! ***PLEASE*** Provide me a capacious email adress able to receive the pdf file, which has a big size (yahoo and gmail always work).

You will receive this PDF file to your e-mail within 24 hours after payment. You will need Acrobat reader in order to view this file. Please provide me an email adress that can accept a big size file.

NOTE: This tutorial is only for personal purposes and is protected under copyright laws and cannot be sold, distributed or reproduced in any form.